7 Area Ideas That Have been Too Wild for NASA

Artist’s conception of a complicated area habitat.
Illustration: Rick Guidice/NASA

With the success of the Apollo missions, NASA turned its eye to the prospect of offworld colonies. The area company ran its “summer time research” at NASA Ames in 1975, permitting specialists and artists to share their visions of what space-based colonies may appear to be. The ensuing ideas had been daring, together with area habitats by which 10,000 folks would “work, increase households, and stay out regular human lives,” based on one of a number of NASA research. The wheel-like habitats would simulate gravity, permitting for conventional houses, monorails, bushes, grass, our bodies of water, and agriculture. There was hope that some habitats may seem as early because the Nineties, however these concepts, although great, had been a bit a lot from a technological perspective.

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